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Living testimonies to the saving power of Jesus Christ.  

Stand tall for Christ wherever the Lord leads you.

Tired of Christian mediocrity? Become a Roaring Lamb!

The difference between Christians and non-Christians should be as evident as night and day. We have been called OUT of the world to transform the world. We are to be IN the world, but not OF it. Our citizenship is in heaven, not here on earth! Changing the world requires that we put Jesus Christ first in everything we do, by becoming salt and light OUTSIDE the church. Join us and be inspired by others who are transforming culture by standing tall for Christ. The fields are “white” unto harvest …

Donna Skell & Tiffany Ross
Co-Hosts, Roaring Lambs: Moving Stories of Faith

We are called to be salt and light OUTSIDE the church.

Watch Roaring Lambs and learn how people from all walks of life have come to a saving knowledge of Christ, and how they’re living their faith in every aspect of their life.

“And without warning, I had a SWAT team invading my house.” Bobbie Manivanh shares her captivating story of a relationship gone terribly wrong and how Jesus freed her from literal and emotional prison.

“My grizzly bear attack lasted over 2 minutes.” Greg Matthews recounts this unbelievable moment, as God miraculously spared his life and changed him forever.

Abandoned by people, but never by God. Debbie Buffone shares her powerful story of how God kept her in His faithful arms of love, despite many painful childhood moments.

New stories every week. Start watching today!

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