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Examining cultural trends with research-based perspective to help you change your world.

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I’ve been studying cultural trends for decades, and I never get tired of sharing what I discover. While some emerging trends may be alarming, others are simply unfortunate, surprising, or even hopeful. Join me as we examine the facts about how our world is changing, and learn how you can be a part of cultural transformation in your own circle of influence.

George Barna | Barna Breaks It Down

The most quoted Christian researcher of our day, balancing issues you care about with facts and faith.

Watch George to learn more about recent trends like these…


Americans describe selves as Conservative


Americans describe selves as Liberal


Americans preferred Socialism to Capitalism in June 2018


Americans preferred Socialism to Capitalism in Nov. 2020


Children homeschooling at start of 2020


Children homeschooling at start of 2021

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