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In-depth conversations with major thought-leaders who share a biblical worldview.

“Our worldview changes everything.” – Dr. Jeff Myers

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Culture draws a line in the sand. It says, “Stay on that side where it’s safe and boring and predictable.” On the other side is a life of purpose, meaning, and impact. As President of Summit Ministries, I am passionate about inviting Christians to boldly step across the line. On my show I get to introduce you to people who are doing that every day. Together we can impact our world in positive ways. Join me on LIFTABLEtv and be inspired by stories that will help you pursue – and LIVE – God’s truth in your everyday life.

Dr. Jeff Myers  |  Host, The Dr. Jeff Show

Be emboldened to stand for TRUTH in a world filled with lies.

Learn from Dr. Jeff’s conversations with astronauts, scientists, celebrities and ministry leaders who are blazing trails of confidence in Christ through the chaos of cultural confusion.


“I thought the phrase ‘my truth’ was just young-people talk, but its not, and now this ideology is leading so many out of the faith.”



“When people want my attention backstage, I have to think, ‘Josh, these people are the most important thing in this moment.'”


“We need to help people understand that they don’t have to wait for the government to do things.”



“Regardless of where people are in their faith, we need to help them grapple with things we all face.” 


“If you’re trying to reach engineers and scientists for Christ, you have to be a patient fisherman.”


…and many more.

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