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Become inspired and informed by educational media and current-events content from FreedomProject.

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FreedomProject is the countercultural answer to the left’s takeover of entertainment and education. With an unwavering commitment to the Judeo-Christian values and God-given liberties that have shaped America, FreedomProject is impacting culture through intelligent, truth-filled original programming that will educate and edify people of all ages.

From the flagship Dr. Duke Show to an instructive lecture series and innovative animated shows, FreedomProject programs will equip and entertain you so that you and your family can stand for truth and tradition in this crazy world.

It’s time to take back the culture. And it starts right here.

Reinvigorate your knowledge of American history, gain an accurate understanding of current events, and be fortified to stand for truth and freedom with these five outstanding series.

The Dr. Duke Show is one of the top education and current-events programs in the country, bringing you the crazy stories and events impacting our world.

This animated series educates patriots of all ages with one-minute videos offering a glance at the lives of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. 

FreedomProject’s Lecture Series tackles a wide variety of topics – from education to Shakespeare, from socialism to the Gospel of John – with erudition and humor.

Presidential Minute brings you enlightening bios of America’s presidents. It’s as entertaining as it is instructive.

Yorktown, Pearl Harbor, Bunker Hill. These are just a few of the battles that have transformed America and that you’ll learn about on Battles of America.

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