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Relatable and real conversations for women in every stage of life.

Go Deeper in Your Faith and Live Braver Every Day

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Do you long for the sort of faith that feels more like an adventure than a challenge? We’re here to help! Think of us as your personal faith coaches: encouraging and inviting you to new levels of hope, belief, and courage. Together, we’ll talk about all of the things we face as women and explore practical, Biblical ways to go deeper with God so we can live braver in our everyday lives. Whether you’re strong in your faith or don’t really know what faith is, we believe you can walk in freedom and fulfillment. We’ll help you discover, grow, and live a life of gutsy faith.

Gari Meacham & Carla Della Femina  |  Hosts, Gutsy Faith

Join Gari and Carla for real-life conversations and practical Bible teachings that offer hope and healing.

Gari Meacham loves words and the way they change, challenge and heal us. Above all, she loves God’s words in the Bible. She’s been a sports writer for Sports Spectrum magazine, as well as penning eight books of her own while traveling the globe speaking on relatable, relevant topics. Gari also founded The Vine Uganda, a haven for women and children in rural Africa, where she currently serves as CEO. Gari and her husband Bobby have been married for over thirty years and have three fantastic kids and three insanely cute grandlambs. She thrives on teaching God-seekers, and describes herself as shabby-chic. Although she’s a bit banged up, she can look pretty cool from a distance. Don’t expect perfection–just an honest, authentic love for God and His people. 

Carla Della Femina was born and raised on the island of Capri in Italy and spent most of her life traveling between Italy and South Africa until she moved to Texas in 2010, where she is earning an Executive Masters in Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University. Carla’s greatest desire is to help people experience the fullness of what God has for them and live out Ephesians 4:20. God never promised things would be easy in this life, but He did promise that He would never leave us, and that’s Carla’s story. God has turned her pain into purpose, and she believes that no matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or what’s been done to you, the best is yet to come!

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