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Christian news reporting that proclaims scripture and invites you to Pray In Jesus’ Name after every story.

Petitioning God and Government to Defend Religious Freedom

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As a statesman, philanthropist and Christian activist, “Dr. Chaps” seeks to liberate the world with no-nonsense messages of truth and prayers of discernment. Through his strong personal convictions and direct communication style, he will reach into your heart and help you become an active disciple of Jesus through prayer, petitioning, political activism, and education, drawing you toward your highest purpose and destiny.

PIJN News | Pray In Jesus’ Name

A voice calling out in the wilderness of this world, Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD is a man on a mission.

As a Chaplain in the United States Navy Dr. Chaps was punished by his Commander for quoting Bible verses and for praying in Jesus’ name. This religious discrimination ultimately led to his involuntary honorable discharge from military service and the loss of a million-dollar pension.

Determined to defend religious freedom for all Americans serving in the Armed Forces, he stood up to the Navy and his story was covered by the news media around the world, ultimately leading to his reinstatement.

Today he continues his passion for proclaiming scripture and Praying In Jesus’ name in every situation.

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