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How a first century Book informs a twenty-first century economy

From tax policy to the minimum-wage debate, The Christian Economist applies scripture to modern-day economics.

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Economics can be intimidating and hard to understand. And yet, everything in our lives is impacted by the economy – the income we earn, the taxes we pay, the donations we give, the price of goods and services, the money we spend, the money we save . . . Economics is everywhere, and the Bible has a lot to say about it. Whether you enjoy a lively debate about monetary policy or simply want to understand how you should steward your resources, The Christian Economist is the show for you. Together, we’ll discuss contemporary economic topics through a Biblical lens so that you can understand and participate in the economy in a God-honoring way.

Dave Arnott, Ph.D.  |  Host, The Christian Economist

Sit down with Dave Arnott as he explains economic topics from a Christian worldview in a way that is easy to understand.

Dr. Arnott is a gifted speaker with a pulse on how to integrate Biblical truths in a turbulent environment. With years of experience as a professor and business executive, Arnott combines effective modern day parables with poetry to bring a fresh look to current topics. Take notes…you won’t regret hearing from this insightful global communicator.

Dr. Larry Linamen

Vice President for Global Initiatives, California Baptist University

Dave is a lifelong learner and shares his insights using creative and wide-ranging experiences. He is engaging, inspiring, intuitive, leading-edge, relevant, and thought-provoking. 

Larry W. Rottmeyer, Ph.D.

Business Builder and Marketing Strategist

Passionate and proficient, Dave provides fresh insight into the tremendous power that worldview plays, not just in the field of economics, but to the very core of our living reality.

Leonard F. Favara, Ph.D.

President - Central Christian College of Kansas

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