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theDove is your place for compelling, faith-based content produced with excellence and trustworthiness. 

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Since 1983, the mission of theDove has been simple: to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ through all of our media platforms. What began as one AM radio station is now a dynamic media group with a variety of content that is spiritual, hopeful, and inspiring. We’re excited to be part of the LIFTABLEtv family, where you’ll find two original shows –Mornings on theDove and Focus Today – and our 24/7 livestream channel that features everything from children’s programming to documentaries. Whether you’re looking for honest news shows, interview programs where hosts are respectful and guests are allowed to finish their sentences, or a Biblical perspective on what’s happening in our world today, tune into theDove to find it.

Perry Atkinson  |  President, theDove Media, Inc.

News, entertainment, and interviews that refresh, encourage, and inform.

theDove is a 24/7 livestream of dynamic Christian programming that includes documentaries, music, children’s shows, educational programs, and inspirational television. You’ll always find something edifying and uplifting on theDove.

Mornings on theDove is a two-hour live show with news you can trust and encouragement to start your day. Featuring breaking-news updates, important stories, and commentary from a spiritual perspective, Mornings on theDove will make your mornings fun and informative.

Focus Today is a daily hour-long interview program featuring expert guests on a variety of topics, ranging from politics and finance to health and spiritual life. Focus Today takes on the important issues of the day, engaging the culture with strong Christian values.

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