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A family-friendly reality show that will warm your heart and make you laugh, often at the same time.

Get to know the HAMMITTS…

“It’s been a crazy God-adventure these past many years. We’ve gone from living the rock-star life to fighting for the life of our son and experiencing lots of unexpected moments in between. As a family of faith, we look for the LIGHT in dark moments, and believe that FUN is always worth chasing. Watch our show to be inspired by our real-life moments at home, on the road, and wherever God takes us on our continuing adventure.”

Matt, Sarah, Emmy, Claire, Bowen and Lewis Hammitt

From Sanctus Real to the reality of everyday life.

The Hammitts take you behind the scenes of their sometimes chaotic life with a refreshing level of transparency that will inspire you to embrace your own.


The former lead singer and songwriter for the award-winning Christian band Sanctus Real, Matt’s passion for his family led him to step away from the band in 2016. He documented this difficult transition in his book, “Lead Me: Finding Courage to Fight for Your Marriage, Children and Faith.” Today, Matt balances his time between songwriting, producing, speaking, and performing, and is grateful for the opportunity to merge his professional pursuits with his commitment to being a more present husband, father, and friend.


With a lust for life refined by seasons of heartache, Sarah brings honesty, creativity, and fun to everything she does. Whether blessing neighbors with unexpected gifts, designing fashionable hospital gowns for kids going through medical crises, or homeschooling her own four children, Sarah is intentional about living in a way that makes room for adventure and looks for LIGHT in the midst of any dark season. This, and her awesome laugh, is probably why her kids consider her to be the true “Rock Star” of the family.


The firstborn of the Hammitt crew, Emmy approaches life with thoughtfulness and sincerity that transcends typical teenage drama. That’s not to say she doesn’t keep her parents on their toes, though, as she blazes a trail through the usual challenges faced by parents of daughters.


With intuition and wisdom beyond her years, Claire approaches life with an eye for the unseen, and often ends up behind the camera, capturing moments the adults might miss. But don’t worry, she gets plenty of on-screen time, too, and is the true fashionista of the family.


Born with a heart-defect with an impossibly low survival rate, Bowen has defied the odds and refuses to live captive to his diagnosis. He also happens to be a great musician and songwriter, like his dad, and often accompanies him on his speaking gigs.


Lewis is a magical combination of humor and compassion. Watch him go from annoying his siblings to treating the homeless with heart-warming kindness. The biggest talker of the bunch, Lewis never shies away from keeping it real, often with unscripted comedic effect. 


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