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Know Jesus better. Love Jesus more. Follow Jesus everywhere. Make disciples wherever you go.

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Sometimes we just need somebody to show us how – how to really know, love, and follow Jesus. That’s called disciple-making, and that’s what we’re all about. We want to help you cultivate a relationship with Jesus and walk out your faith in the ups and downs of everyday life. John is a former chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys and Punky is a Bible-study author and teacher, and together we’ll bring you in-depth Bible teaching with real-life application so that you become not just a disciple but a disciple-maker for the King. 

John & Punky Tolson  |  Hosts, Red Glasses TalksLife on Life

Learn how to be a disciple with “reproducing” faith.

With John and Punky’s approachable, hands-on Bible teaching and coaching, you’ll become a disciple who makes disciples who make disciples. 

On Red Glasses Talks join John for teachings and insights on topics like how to read the Word, how to be a man or woman of the Bible, and how to cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving. You will be equipped to live out your faith for God’s glory and the good of others.

Life on Life with Punky is honest, relational Bible study and instruction for women. Feed your heart and mind with truth from God’s Word and walk out life alongside Punky. You’ll love the empathy and encouragement that come from doing life together and with Jesus.   

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