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Real stories of hope and healing from survivors of the sex industry.

Ex-prostitutes, ex-strippers, and ex-porn stars – all redeemed by God. Their stories matter.

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I’m Harmony, and I’m an X Girl. I call myself that because I’m a former sex-industry worker – an ex-stripper. By the grace of God I’ve overcome abuse and exploitation, and my mission is to help other women find freedom and healing too. Through compassionate, candid conversations, X Girls reveals the devastating realities of the sex industry and talks about how survivors can build healthy lives, enjoy meaningful relationships, and recover from the trauma of sex work. X Girls wants to empower everyone to be courageous advocates for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, because we are all God’s treasures.

Harmony Grillo | Host, X Girls

Inspiring accounts of impossible hope to reach and restore women trapped in the sex industry and equip you to do the same.

At thirteen, after being abandoned by her mother and left to take care of her younger brother, Harmony Grillo began a relationship that turned out to be toxic, abusive, and ultimately exploitative. At the age of nineteen, she found herself working in a strip club, with her boyfriend acting as her pimp, controlling her every move and taking all of her money.

But God had other plans for Harmony. He rescued her from a life of sexual exploitation and showed her that He has always loved her, even in her deepest, darkest moments. Wanting to give other women the same freedom and joy she has experienced, Harmony began Treasures, a faith-based, survivor-led non-profit to reach, restore, and equip victims of exploitation and trafficking to live healthy, flourishing lives and to train others to do the same. 

As Harmony says, “Your past does not have to determine your future. As long as there is breath in your lungs, there is hope! Your story matters! Your LIFE matters. I promise you, God can use every single bit of what you have been through for good if you let Him.”

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